What you should know about choosing a Professional Jeweler

When you have your heart set on the jewelry you’ve always wanted, don’t let yourself be dazzled into selecting a jeweler you may not be happy with later.  Before you select a jeweler, be logical, be thorough and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  As a consumer, you have a right to know about the fine jewelry you are purchasing and the jeweler making the sale.


Is your Jeweler a JA Member?

If you see the “J” mark on the door, the jeweler is a member of Jewelers of America, an association that promotes and reinforces integrity and professionalism among jewelers.  JA is a professional organization with standards of conduct and business ethics which its members agree to follow.

These standards include a commitment to maintaining the highest level of personal and professional integrity, as well as treating customers with courtesy and respect.

JA members also keep pace with industry and fashion trends and are able to provide the most up-to-date merchandise and information to their customers.